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Friends are Made Here

The Play Structure is from the Shining Stars PTA.

Thanks to MMD and James Hughes for their time and labor

Make Believe Salad Prepped in the Make Believe Kitchen

A Photo Finish

The Winner

Sack Race Competition

Cayman Islands Museum

Atlantis Submarine

Shining Stars Childhood Care & Education Centre

Our Mission

Welcome to the official website for Shining Stars Childhood Care and Education Centre in the gorgeous Cayman Islands. Shining Stars seeks to provide the best daycare, child care and nursery services in the Cayman Islands in a fun, safe and professional environment and provide excellent value for money. We partner with parents to maximize the child's potential through a fun and engaging curriculum and setting.

Keeping it Real- The photos you see on our website are not generic stock photos but are actual pictures of our children enjoying various Centre activities.

We know how to have Fun- We follow the framework that is outlined in the Cayman Islands Early Childhood curriculum which is for your child(ren) to learn through play. The four pillars to this are exploration, well-being, communication and respect.

We Set the Table for your child - We believe preschool sets the table for your child's future and that as we make learning fun, your child will love preschool here at Shining Stars. Logic dictates that they will then enjoy school at primary school and beyond and studies have shown that people do well in activities that they enjoy. That is a major benefit your child will receive when having fun and enjoying his/her time in our Centre.

Enjoy Our Live HD Camera Access- For a decade, we are the only early childhood school in the Cayman Islands to offer live high definition CCTV access to parents so that they can watch their children grow and develop.

Nutrition is Important to us- We serve organic vegetables, fresh fruits and minimally processed freshly prepared meals along with filtered and re-mineralized drinking water with our very own beloved full-time professional Chef Vivian. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack are all included in the cost of tuition. We also provide children who have dietary restrictions such as gluten or casein with alternative meals that they can safely enjoy and many "picky eaters" ask for seconds!!!

We are Safe and Secure - For the 10th year in a row, we are the only daycare in the Cayman Islands with a high tech biometric check-in/out system plus an app that enables you to check your children in and out using geofencing technology.

Your Children will be Loved - Our staff is loving, nurturing, friendly, well-qualified and fun and they LOVE children.

Rest and Naps - Rest is very important in the development of the young child as children grow and recover during their nap times. Our children enjoy a good story book reading as they prepare to nap and we sometimes also play child "spa" tunes to help them rest.

100% Literacy Success - One of our specialties is literacy.  Our school leavers know how to read and write.  This provides them with tremendous confidence which, in turn, gives them a tremendous advantage when starting primary/elementary school. In fact, Shining Stars graduates are typically at the top of their class regardless if their primary school is private or public. Don't believe us?  Then please see our parent testimonials.

Parents and Grandparents love Shining Stars - Please read our parent and grandparent testimonials or watch our YouTube parent testimonials.

Awesome & Safe Facility - Our facility has lots of windows and is blessed with a large fenced-in playground and age appropriate play equipment. Our bathrooms contain specially designed mini toilets and sinks that help contribute to successful and easier potty training.

No Dangerous Second Story Classrooms for our Children - Our facility is single story which eliminates the risk of young preschoolers taking a tumble down the stairs.

Extra Clean Air Helps Keep Our Children Healthy - We protect all children but especially those suffering from allergies or asthma by typically using MERV 11 air filters in our Centre that can capture air pollutants (legionella, mold spores, dust mites, etc.) as small as 1 -3 microns. In contrast, many homes in the Cayman Islands use basic MERV 1-4 air filters while hospitals are likely to use MERV 13 - 16 air filters.

Strategic Central Location - We have a great strategic location near many top private schools and are adjacent to the George Town Hospital and nearby to downtown George Town and just 5-15 minutes from Camana Bay depending upon traffic conditions.

Fantastic Parents and Children - Your children will make great friends and you will have ample opportunities to set up play dates. Also, please ask us about our date night specials so parents can spend some alone time.

Please visit our YouTube channel to hear the many successful testimonials direct from other parents that also went through the daycare selection and screening process.

Bible Foundation

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.

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